Friday, February 13, 2015

Tips for Spouses for Valentine's Day

Remember to appreciate your spouse and your marriage this Valentine's Day.

It's easy to take your spouse and marriage for granted with the passing of time but this is when you need to be more vigilant about the state of your relationship and happiness.

So send your spouse romantic greetings even if you don't feel like it at the moment because you have drifted apart or worse, don't feel anything at all.

Remember the canary of your love life is the onset of apathy and disrespect, so you need to guard against this silent fizzler of your hopes and dreams for the kind of marriage, love and happiness that you both deserve and desire.

Save Marriage Tips for Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day Greetings to enjoy and share with your partner.

Love Begets Love:

Doing a practical deed (even if you don't feel like it or feel the emotions when you first try) reinforces that message to your brain. Overtime if you cultivate this habit of being loving to and appreciating your spouse, the repetitive thought and deed patterns will imprint and manifest to become a new reality in your life. You will also notice similar, positive results in your spouse. Hold onto your hope, faith and belief throughout this phase of yout journey. Love begets Love.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Getting Married to an Unfaithful Spouse??

Getting married to an infidel spouse? Check out the THE REVENGE when spouse or spouse-to-be discovers the bombshell:

(This is not to say that you should do the same - two wrongs don't make a right.)
Gumtree and Ebay ... well you can certainly find all kinds of stuff for sale!!

How About This for a Safe Solution to Let Off Revenge Steam?

(This is unusual but quite ingenious as a solution.)

And Now on a Serious Note, regarding Infidelity/ Cheating in Your Marriage:

Your Options, What to Do or Can Do and What Not to Do:

First and foremost - stay calm and put the kids' interests first before you deal with both your emotions, points of view, assets, interests, etc. (Canadian-based).

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What You Don't Know About Marriage - Revealed

Want to know how to stack the odds in your favour to keep your marriage intact, safe and to protect it from risk? Why do some couples outlast others? What are their secrets? How can we emulate their spousal success?
Here you have Jenna McCarthy sharing her surprising research in the engaging video below, on how marriages, especially happy marriages, actually work.

Here are the Key Points:

  • Be optimistic - be able to find the good in any situation with your spouse. One clue: people who smile alot in their childood tend not to divorce in adulthood (could this be an early 'indicator' of the presence of the "optimistic factor"? Incidentally many successful people also possess an optimistic personality, which makes sense because this trait alone would help you to weather adversity better than most pessimistic people could). And if you're going to remain married for a long time (a lifetime?) expect MANY "ups and downs" along the way!
  • Men take note: a real turn-on for women is when husbands help out with the domestic chores. This leads to less negativity and / resentment from your wife and guess what that leads to? More all round affection, etc. for ... everyone! It's a win/win situation. The more a husband helps out at home, the happier his wife (and therefore the rest of his family) becomes!
  • Divorce is contagious. If your close friends divorce, there is a 75% chance that your marriage might follow suit. You might therefore want to guard against the influence of divorced friends.
  • (Jokingly) Do not try to win an Oscar.
It's a documented fact that there are many benefits to being / remaining married such as better physical and emotional health, more sex, more money, greater asset accumulation and longevity, etc. - but you probably already know that.

The conclusion is that to give marriage a go and to marry someone who you "like alot in the first place".  And if you're already married, do guard and protect your marriage (unless it is dangerous for you to remain in it) from eg., something as mundane and common as taking your spouse and your relationship for granted.

Love Never Dies

To sum up, do "use your personal strengths to guard against your own risk factors" because marriage is an institution that is worth pursuing and protecting, for the many advantages that a single lifestyle, by its very nature, cannot confer.

The message then is clear: Get Married and ..... STAY MARRIED! 

Your thoughts exactly!

Food for thought: 
Federal Court finding:- "De facto relationship not recognised as de facto."
(Q: Would a marriage like this - there are many in existence - be treated as a non -marriage?)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to STOP Your Husband Looking at Other WOMEN

What his EYES say is just the TIP of the Iceberg!

Cheating Eyes Can Lead to a Cheating Heart!

Is your man always staring at other women? Even when he is celebrating your birthday or V-day?

Are you tired of your man always chasing superficial fantasies fueled by his incessant, roving eyes?  Find out how to stop his Roving Eyes!.

Are the gazes he keeps giving other women making you angry or causing you to feel less than enough? You know, fueling your insecurities about him.

Do you ever wonder why he so easily lets his eyes lead his heart instead of his heart leading his eyes? Watch out ... it's time for you to take some serious action.

When a man gives his wife the gift of heart AND eyes at home, he's telling her that she can live her life without the constant feelings of competition other women face. He's telling her the love he has for her is a safe place for the love she has for him.

When a man gives his wife the gift of heart and eyes at home, he's telling her she can live her life without constant fear of quicksand commitment. He's telling her the foundation she's trusting her emotions to is a place of safety and security for her heart.

The heart of a man will indulge in what he gives it an appetite for. Here's how to get him to keep his eyes on the PRIZE....PRIZE being YOU - his WIFE!!

Don't wonder why your husband looks at other women so much. Now YOU can STOP him looking, by inspiring him to have monogamous EYES that can only come from a MONOGAMOUS HEART - view Free Video Here.

How to stop your husband looking at OTHER WOMEN!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Saving Your Marriage: Solutions To Stop Divorce

Are you having trouble in your marriage?

Do you feel like you are at the end of your rope and do not know where to turn?

If you want to save your marriage, it is great that you are taking steps to find solutions to stop divorce.

Here are some great solutions to help save your marriage and stop divorce.

Keeping Your Marriage Intact: Ways To Stop Divorce

You can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too!

With all of the news of marriages failing, you might be worried about your own marriage.

Couples sometimes do not get along and in every marriage there are highs and lows.

If you are either already married and wondering about the fate of your marriage or are wondering how to keep a marriage together in general, here are some ways to stop divorce and to keep your marriage intact.

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