Friday, February 13, 2015

Tips for Spouses for Valentine's Day

Remember to appreciate your spouse and your marriage this Valentine's Day.

It's easy to take your spouse and marriage for granted with the passing of time but this is when you need to be more vigilant about the state of your relationship and happiness.

So send your spouse romantic greetings even if you don't feel like it at the moment because you have drifted apart or worse, don't feel anything at all.

Remember the canary of your love life is the onset of apathy and disrespect, so you need to guard against this silent fizzler of your hopes and dreams for the kind of marriage, love and happiness that you both deserve and desire.

Save Marriage Tips for Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day Greetings to enjoy and share with your partner.

Love Begets Love:

Doing a practical deed (even if you don't feel like it or feel the emotions when you first try) reinforces that message to your brain. Overtime if you cultivate this habit of being loving to and appreciating your spouse, the repetitive thought and deed patterns will imprint and manifest to become a new reality in your life. You will also notice similar, positive results in your spouse. Hold onto your hope, faith and belief throughout this phase of yout journey. Love begets Love.

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