Blog to eBook Converter:

  1. free,
  2. good looking,
  1. cannot do more than 15 posts easily,
  2. has to be meticulous in formatting posts including spacing as each spacing error will be amplified in your ebook, 
  3. really ugly covers! Very few choices.
  4. photo sizing is inconsistent in ebk - you won't know which one will change in size (could be bigger or smaller) until processed.
  5. it asks you to create an acct if you wish to save your blog-ebk-creations but when you log in - your account is EMPTY! So save when you finish and don't depend on finding files in your account when you 'save'!  Perhaps it might be different if you opted for a paid account. 
  6. How will it cope if you have embedded videos in your posts? Not good at all, which makes sense.
  7. good if you have a small blog (15 posts) that does not have videos; you have no control over how your images will appear in the final product (can be larger or smaller - which will ruin your format and your satisfaction if you are perfectionistic.) Need to try it out to see if the final result is acceptable to you but it is not consistent enough to be used professionally - find a better product or else try the paid version.

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